The All New Growth Companion, Yuna.

We've spent a year revolutionizing a tool to help you reach your best, building a future where you can spend more time living, and less time worrying.
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Hey, I'm Yuna.
Let's talk about your mental well-being, create resilience through life's changes, and unlock your personal potential, no appointment necessary.

Your Self-Worth

Empower Your Self-Worth

Struggling with low self-esteem can be a lonely experience, but with Yuna, you have tailored exercises that lift you up. Your journey to greater confidence starts here.

Eased Anxiety

The weight of life can be overwhelming. Yuna delivers calming techniques right when you need them. Be intentional about your well-being, and reclaim your peace.

Your Anxiety

The weight of daily anxiety can be overwhelming.

Yuna delivers calming techniques right when you need them.

Take control of your well-being and reclaim your peace.

Your Thinking

Transform Your Thinking

Negative thoughts or behavioral patterns can be draining. That's why Yuna offers care based on the principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

Quality Care, Affordable Price

Experience therapy-like sessions without the price tag, appointments, or stigma. Yuna offers top-notch support at a revolutionary price.
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Yuna is Safe

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Privacy Assured

Privacy is paramount within Yuna, your conversations remain private. Data is never sold, viewed, and you're in control.
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Expert Oversight

Built by PhDs and experts in clinical psychology, Yuna is meticulously crafted, offering research-based conversations.
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Mind Monitoring

Yuna helps you track your well-being,
connecting you with mental health experts during challenging situations.
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Your Safety
is Our priority

Your Safety is Our priority

Yuna utilizes real-time safety monitoring to identify signs of trauma or heightened emotions in your conversations. If such indicators are present, Yuna offers an immediate connection to a qualified healthcare professional for further guidance.

Frequently Answered Questions

While you wait to access, learn more about Yuna.

How does Yuna work?
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Meet Yuna, the innovative coaching tool that makes use of cognitive behavioral therapy patterns in its advanced AI system. It's designed to provide robust support for your personal growth journey, aiding you in achieving life goals and boosting self-confidence.

Is Yuna available 24/7?
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Yes! Yuna is ready to help whenever you need it.

How can I access the beta version?
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Just add your email to our early access list and we will reach out to you as soon as the beta is available.

How does Yuna ensure my data's privacy and security?
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Yuna utilizes advanced AI algorithms for real-time safety monitoring, adept at recognizing strong emotions or signs of trauma while keeping your conversations completely private.If it detects any concerning indicators, Yuna takes immediate action, seamlessly connecting you with a qualified healthcare professional.Your well-being, safety, and peace of mind are our utmost priorities throughout your journey.

What are the pricing and subscription options for Yuna?
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We've made personal growth affordable for all, at just $19.99 per month or $199 per year.Choose the plan that fits your needs and budget. With Mindframe's Digital Wellness App, your personalized growth journey is always within reach.

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mindframes affirmations

Introducing Affirmations

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