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Sarah M.
Verified Purchase
Boosted Positivity
My mood has noticeably lifted since using Mindframe. It's profoundly uplifting, significantly enhancing my overall well-being and happiness.
John D.
Verified Purchase
Life-Changing Power
Mindframe's AI affirmations revamped my daily routine, boosting focus and drive to chase my ambitions relentlessly.
Parker B.
Verified Purchase
Mindframe Transforms
A smile blossoms as I listen; soon, I'm beaming. I adore Mindframe for its consistent infusion of joy and positivity.
Cody M.
Verified Purchase
Unconscious Mastery
Even when motivation wanes, I play affirmations, echoing them subconsciously, reinforcing a positive mindset that guides my daily life.
Monique A.
Verified Purchase
Mindframe Awakening
Each listen sparks novelty and excitement in me. These affirmations, not distant dreams but my current reality, fuel my relentless determination and motivation.
Bruce V.
Verified Purchase
Finding Inner Peace
During my cardiologist's wait, these affirmations bring comfort, relaxation, and optimism, sustaining my positivity through this trying period.

Boost Confidence
& Self-Esteem

Crush it this month. You may experience these after listening to your personalized Affirmation Songs.

  • Gain a positive mindset

  • Reduced stress

  • Clarity & focus on your goals

  • Better sleep & mood

  • Mindset Growth


Want To Boost Your Motivation?

Mindframe's songs are tailored to your goals, serving as a musical companion that keeps you on track.

Tune Into
Your Success

Unlock the power of music to help you reach
your goals, one melody at a time. Each song
is scientifically designed to help you keep your
eyes on the prize.

Unlock Your Best-Self

Mindframe's affirmation songs are more than
just tunes—they're your auditory guide to self-improvement, paving the way to your ideal future.

Your Playlist, Your Way

Why settle for a single tune when you can
have an entire playlist designed just for you?
With Mindframe, the possibilities are as
unlimited as your ambitions.

Success Through Affirmations

Our users turned affirmations into anthems
and found success. From easing stress to hitting
career highs, these songs make a difference.


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affirmation songs

How Mindframe works?

Add Your Goals

Think of your dream, your ambition, your destination. Write it down, and let's turn it into a guiding melody.

Choose Your Voice Actor

Each voice is unique and personal—from natural-sounding AI to human voice actors!

Unlock Your Potential

Based on scientific research, these affirmations are tailored just for you. Read, reflect, and make them yours.


Mindframe is
Highly Effective

fMRI Brain Studies show changes in the brain after just one week of Self Affirming which are clearly linked to proven benefits, such reduction in stress, and high levels of optimism!

source: (Sherman et al., 2009; Critcher & Dunning, 2015)

Affirmations affect neural pathways in your brain, creating lasting positive thought patterns, feelings, and behaviors.

Releasing dopamine and other feel-good neurotransmitters by activating reward centers in the brain when you listen.

Promote feelings of positivity and hope while reducing stress and anxiety.

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Mindframe's songs are tailored to your goals, serving as a musical companion that keeps you on track.

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